Music / First Buzzard at the Body


Sunday 28 November
Ron Ball Studio | Christchurch Town Hall
14:30 – 15:30


First Buzzard at the Body is an experimental solo vocal performance loosely hung on a theme of birdhood. A setlist of poetic texts are subjected to transformative compositional processes, gutting them of meaning (regurgitated words, parroted mimicry) or stumbling through the banal into the sublime (the song of an ugly fledgling).

Drawing on 70’s sound poetry like Canada’s Four Horsemen, 60’s minimalist composition such as Steve Reich’s phase pieces, the immediacy of punk, and the sprawling romance of the natural soundscape, this show of unpredictable sweetness and aggression was created in conversation with Antonia Barnett-McIntosh’s Wild Fabrics.

CONTENT WARNING: Flashing lights


Elliot Vaughan is an experimental music composer and performer. Following a decade freelancing in Vancouver, he now lives and works in Pōneke.

His diverse output includes composed theatre and performed installation as well as soundtrack and concert music. Through it runs a focussed interrogation of the frame of music performance, borrowing the co-collaborative and interdisciplinary apparatus of theatre.

There is an aesthetic link too, where beauty and romance never quite transcend absurd.


  • Walk With Me (dance film, Threading Frames, NZ)
  • DOCTRINE (EP & soundtrack, Wing Chi Lau, HK)
  • Futures Past (concert piece, STROMA, NZ)
  • Existential Hotline (telephone performance, PAWA, NZ)

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