Dance / Solo For a Body


Saturday 27 November
Ron Ball Studio | Christchurch Town Hall
11:30 – 12:30

Three bodies perform a languid backward roll, punctuated by moments of control and desire.

Sustained balances and extreme flexibility summon the knife’s edge between trained capability and failure.

A muse, a crucifix, a frozen chicken; as the sculptural and sinister potential of the body is activated in slow succession, the organic immediacy of the body slips through its contrived images.

As Solo unravels so do its bodies, confronting moments of care, desire, violence, relating and vulnerability along the way.



Alice Weber is a dance artist working with choreography, performance and discursive outputs.

Using and misusing her various training backgrounds across ballet, somatic practice and critical dance studies, Alice’s work considers contemporary embodiments and intimacies, through questions of agency and desire.

Alice has recently presented work at Cement Fondu, upcoming at Brunswick Mechanics Institute, performed in contemporary visual art performance Ever Sun by Rochelle Haley and is a 2021 Research Artist at Critical Path. She regularly presents at forums and festivals as both artist and researcher. Alice lives and works on unceded Gadigal land.

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