Bands / The Violet French Duo


Saturday 27 November
Ron Ball Studio | Christchurch Town Hall
22:00 – 00:00


The Violet French Duo features the fingers of Luke W. Towart (Wurld Series, Hob, Kool Aid)


Violet French is no wet blanket. She is an unashamed musician who plays her songs with authority, and a sure handle on the nuances of her craft.

Her guitar playing swings and her lyrics, sharp, sympathetic. They observe the poetry in every small moment. Her songs serve as sardonic litanies to the soul sucking, crushing miniature of the everyday. She sings of clowns, walking in second hand shoes, and takes her innermost thoughts and feelings and turns them into frank, matter-of-fact songs.

With influences from here, there, and almost anywhere, Violets’ songs transgress genre boundaries. Although deeply rooted in traditional folksong, Violet’s songs could be easily mistaken for 60’s Psychedelic Folk-Rock, 90’s Grunge-Pop, Indie Rock, or that certain something undefineable.

She is Violet French and she waits for no man.

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