Performance Art / Toi Aamai: Whare


Saturday 27 November
Ron Ball Studio | Christchurch Town Hall
19:00 – 20:00


Social narrative with a twist. Join the cast as their characters emerge from fractures within a modern day capitalist dystopia. Told by movement, song, sound and theatrical lyricism, Toi Aamai embraces the different and explores social struggles, struggles of women and of Māori.

The work is provocative, risky and stripped back to push boundaries. Using physical theatre, sound, puppetry, costume and metaphor that evoke meaning and explore themes of, cultural identity, hurt, sustainability, healing, history, and indigenous rights. These are all interconnected notions that manifest somewhat too easily from our shared Māori perspectives. 

R13 Grotesque tone with confronting themes



Toi Aamai is a critically acclaimed and innovative collective of theatre arts practitioners including Apirana Taylor, Erina Daniels, Israel Birch, Asher Newbery, Tola Newbery, Keita Newbery, Juanita Hepi, Scotty Cotter, and Tola Newbery. The collective employ a surrealist performing arts medium with the support of super creatives Mara TK and Wairere Ropata who offer a layered soundscape to steer alongside the core collective.

We are inspired by our master navigators and thinkers who have come before us. It is important to tell our stories in our own way. We embody kaupapa searching for sustainable solutions everywhere. Our material and resources are purposely limited, costume and all props are recycled, we focus our energy so as not to distract from the interconnectedness and service we show Papatūānuku.

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