Dance / Two Crones and a Desert

Saturday 27 November
Ron Ball Studio | Christchurch Town Hall
14:30 – 15:30


MATRIARCHAL KNOWLEDGE, A TICKING TIME BOMB AND A CLIMATE CHANGE TANGO. Monotonous crones weave themselves around a cracking desert in a suit. This work seeks to dismantle the stigma around the matriarch, attempting to strip away its gender and become unattached to any binary.

The desert represents western patterns of existence placed onto oneself. The desert seeks to crack open itself and be drenched in unorthodox perception while egg timers count down the much anticipated anxiety of what things to choose for our moral consciousness.

CONTENT WARNING: Nudity. Loud noise.


Robyn Jordaan is a human, dancer, filmmaker, and performance artist. Their work navigates time, sex, spectacle and political illusions. Robyn has performed throughout Aotearoa (NZ), Europe, performing in Germany and Iceland.

Her most recent work includes: The Vision 2021 with Olivia McGregor at the Christchurch Art gallery and solo works: Otolith 2019 and Detta I 2019. Robyn draws on traditional scores and dance technique, exploring a range of approaches such as somatic exploration, liquid reality, absurdism, release technique, and queernique developed by Shannon Stewart.

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