FVEY: Upstream data collective.

FVEY: UPSTREAM DATA COLLECTION. Saturday 27 NovemberLivestream Victoria Room | Christchurch Town Hall Ōtakaro River 10:00 onwards FVEY: UPSTREAM COLLECTIVE. New Zealand has been a part of the Five Eyes Treaty since 1948. Spying on the Russians during the cold war, the Vietnamese during America’s invasion, on Kim Dot Com, on our Pacific neighbours, on every country […]


NEON. Saturday 27 NovemberVictoria Room | Christchurch Town Hall 10:00 onwards Neon is a filmed performance work, projected in large-scale to be viewed throughout the festival. The concept builds on Kittows sculptural and filmic practice, which considers ideas around reality in cinema and performance. Incorporating the performative pull of Summerhayes and Bosmans offbeat soundscape, a […]

Wild Fabrics

WILD FABRICS. Saturday 27 NovemberRon Ball Studio | Christchurch Town Hall 16:00 – 17:00 In its previous life a solo performance. Sits at the intersection of composition, video, speech, field recordings, and interview transcription. A recorded element transcribed. Transforming original material through the imagined body of the composer-performer. Hesitations, mistakes, rewinds, stops and starts become […]